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Here are a few tips for keeping your art in good condition:

Keep your art away from excessive light and humidity. Too much direct sunlight can fade and discolor your art. Have your windows tinted with a UV coating, it will also save your furniture and help keep your air-conditioning bill down.

It is best not to place valuable art in your bathroom or kitchen unless you have an adequate exhaust system. Moisture may cause your art to warp, discolor or grow mold.

Often people store old paintings that might be valuable in their attics and basements. Attics tend to be too hot and humid and basements are often damp; both places are generally not suitable for art storage. Have the art appraised so that you can sell or donate the art rather that keeping it stored indefinitely.

Works of art on paper should be matted and framed; this will greatly enhance the display of the art as well as offer protection for the art. Ask your framer to use acid free materials. Paper art should always have a glass or clear acrylic covering. You can ask for UV protective glass or acrylic if the art is to be displayed in a sunny area.

Art on canvas should be stretched and framed. Frames can be made of wood, metal or even plastic as long as the frame is sturdy. If the art is heavy, do not wire the back; hanging a heavy work of art with wire can pull and warp the frame. Ask your framer to use D-rings and hang the art with two picture hooks. There is no need to put glass on a canvas painting.

Bronze sculptures should not be handled; the oils from your hands can build up on the bronze and discolor it. Bronze is very durable and can tolerate changes in temperature. Natural aging of bronze is not considered a bad thing. Often, a naturally aged patina enhances the beauty of the bronze. If your bronze is truly in need of cleaning,you can wash it with mild dish soap and then rinse it with distilled water. Dry the bronze with a soft non-abrasive cloth; make sure it is completely dry. Before cleaning the entire bronze, it is a good idea to test a small area first to make sure the color does not change in a way that you do not like.

Taking good care of your art is important whether you wish to keep or sell your art. Please feel free to call if you have further questions regarding the proper care of your art.

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selling art
a certified appraisal provides a professional opinion and a written document for both the buyer and the seller

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